Integrated Energy Service Business

Integrated Energy Service Business

ENN Energy takes the integrated energy business as a breakthrough and strives to explore the modern energy system. Based on the needs of users and centering on the development of the entire energy value chain, the Company aims to build an energy system that is adaptive to local conditions, clean energy-prioritised, complementing different energy sources, and supply-consumption integrated. ENN Energy seized the opportunities brought by the "dual carbon" policy and energy system reformation and focuses on developing low-carbon parks, low-carbon factories, low-carbon buildings and low-carbon transportation. The Company has designed the optimal energy supply scheme according to the local resource conditions of the project, energy demands of the customers, and load prediction of the project. Additionally, the Company focuses on the development of terminal energy saving, process technical improvement, energy facilities hosting operation and other energy side services. We strategically deploy

Integrated Energy Service Business

Operating Projects


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Reduced Energy Consumption(Standard Coal)

2,120,281 tons

Reduced CO2 Emission

6,666,714 tons