Sustainable Development
Care and Growth
Social Investment
Supplier Responsibilities

"Employees are the most valuable asset of an enterprise" is the core concept of ENN Energy in employee management. We care about the work and life of each employee, and strive to create an equal, caring, harmonious and positive working environment. We have issued the "Talent Development and Employment Policy" to highlight our focus on employee care and growth.


Caring and Common Prosperity

In day-to-day management, we fully protect employees' equal opportunities as required in the management policy:

· Treat all employees equally, and do not make decisions on employment, treatment, promotion on the basis of gender, ethnicity, race, nationality, marriage, age, and religion, and implement anti-discrimination policy;

· Welcome employees from different ethnic groups and regions with rich educational backgrounds and practice the diversity policy;

· Respect the rights of employees to choose to join the labor union, seek representatives, and participate in the employee representative meeting, and at the same time sign collective negotiation contracts with employees to protect the basic rights and interests of employees.


At the same time, we will also provide employees with good benefits and care, including:

1. Organize diverse cultural activities, enrich the content of after-work life, fully enhance the emotional exchange between the company and employees, and improve employees' sense of belonging and satisfaction;

2. Provide good work benefits, including free working meals, dormitories, shuttle buses, communication serivces, labor protection supplies, and paid tours once every 3 years for employees;

3. Provide holiday gifts, birthday gifts and other benefits to employees during holidays and employee birthdays;



Employee activity case display

ENN Energy Moon Festival

The 70th Anniversary of The Motherland Running Activities

Mid-Autumn Festival Employees' Family Members' Garden Activities

Organizing Employees and Their Families to Visit The World Expo


Listen and Share

ENN Energy attaches great importance to democratic exchanges, and has established grass-roots democratic organizations such as labor unions and employee homes for employees to freely associate and express democratic opinions. In addition, we also periodically carry out activities such as employee reception days and employee representative meetings, regularly actively collect feedback from various departments, and respond to solutions in a timely manner.

In 2020, ENN Energy's collective negotiation agreement covered 100% of its employees.





Grow and Progress Together

ENN Energy always regards employees as the cornerstone of enterprise development. We commit to empowerment on demand, continue to optimize the employee growth and development system, build a multi-level training platform for employees, carry out various talent training plans and skill competitions, continue to improve the overall quality of employees, and achieve common growth between employees and the company.


Focusing on "leadership, professionalism, and work ability", we provide long-term vocational training plans, supporting courses and guidance for employees with different needs such as leaders and front-line employees. It enables all types of personnel to make better and faster development according to job requirement and personal potential.


Employee Training Activities Case Display

"Originating from Taihang" project training camp



Annual Skills Competition               


"Seiko Program" Special Training Camp for Integrated Energy Operation Talents




Safety capability improvement training



Talent "Seiko Plan" Training Camp



As a responsible social citizen, ENN Energy expects to give back to the society through various community care and charity activities. To this end, we have issued the "Charity and Public Welfare Activities Management Policy" to organize and carry out charitable public welfare activities in an orderly manner to ensure that our good deeds can be implemented to help those in need.

Charity and public welfare activities showcase

Liaocheng ENN Cares for Poor Students Donation Activity

Guigang Gas "Thousands of Enterprises and Thousands of Villages to Build New Rural Areas" activity

Quanzhou Gas Volunteers Caring for Big Dipper Children with Autism

ENN Energy actively participates in the fight against the epidemic

ENN Energy Supports Relief of Henan Floods

"Adhering to the conscience, advocating self-drive, relying on data, and willing to share" are the values and codes of conduct that ENN always abides by. We actively make responsible procurement, build a sustainable supply chain, and maintain long-term cooperative relationships with suppliers based on mutual trust.


ENN Energy has a total of 641 material suppliers, 5 of which are overseas, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan suppliers. The purchase amount of the top five material suppliers accounted for 21.7% of the total material supplier purchase amount.

Supplier access

ENN Energy records the information of suppliers through the material procurement platform, and conducts performance appraisal of suppliers to execute the dynamic control of the whole process of supplier access, management, assessment and withdrawal.


At the same time, in our access audit, we take into account the performance of suppliers in environmental, social and governance aspects, and comprehensively review the sustainable development capabilities and performance of suppliers.

Supplier Monitoring and Evaluation

ENN Energy organizes and conducts a comprehensive supplier review or factory inspection in a three-year cycle through sending samples of suppliers' products for inspection to evaluate suppliers. During the cycle, we will carry out unannounced inspections and re-inspections from time to time, and the assessment results will be disclosed in a timely manner to ensure that the results are fair and reasonable.