ENN Energy's 8th Skills Competition ended successfully
2022-09-14 14:38:54

From September 8th to 10th, 2021, the 8th ENN Energy Skills Competition finished in Bengbu, Anhui. A total of 219 contestants from 13 regional representatives competed for the "Xinao Craftsman" award in 10 types of work. There were also 87 judges and more than 150 staff who supported the smooth progress of the competition. Liu Heming, Chairman of China City Gas Association, Wang Qingwu, Deputy Mayor of Bengbu Municipal People's Government, Zhang Yuying, President of ENN Energy, Zhang Guozhong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Senior Vice President of ENN Energy, Qin Hong, General Convenor of Anhui Regional Business Coordination Group, Bengbu ENN Gas Co., Ltd.s No. 1 Shi Hao and other leaders attended the opening ceremony.

Wang Xiuqiao, chief gas technology engineer of ENN Energy, presided over the opening ceremony

Zhang Yuying, President of ENN Energy, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech

Zhang Yuying, President of ENN Energy, said in his speech at the opening ceremony that since 2007, ENN Energy has organized seven consecutive skill competitions, and a large number of ENN craftsmen have emerged, creating a strong "compare, learn, catch, help, exceed"enterprise competitive cultural atmosphere. Practicing "craftsman spirit" has become a conscious action of the majority of business partners to improve their skills. He encouraged the majority of business partners to develop themselves into the backbone of ENN Energy's accelerated digital-to-intelligence transformation and high-quality rapid development through the "training base" to conduct intensive research and practice skills.

Liu Heming, chairman of China City Gas Association, delivered a speech

The representative of the contestants Cai Chengzhuo (left)

Referee representative Chen Xiaohua (right)

             Take the oath at the opening ceremony as the representative of the players and the representative of the referee

After the opening ceremony, the competition quickly entered the stage of skill competition. The contestants competed fiercely in the three practical examination rooms of Bengbu, Fengyang and Guzhen. In the practical session, the contestants were skilled and completed in one go, and the referees were rigorous, meticulous, fair and impartial, which fully demonstrated the positive spirit of the business partners; in the theoretical examination, the contestants answered the questions calmly and thoughtfully, giving full play to themselves s level.

Engineering site administrators, measurement administrators, PE pipeline welders, and station operators are on the scene of the actual operation competition

Steel pipeline welders, pipeline installers, pipeline pressure regulators, and chemical analysis engineers at the Universal Energy Station are on the scene

Theoretical exam and practical written exam

The competition awards include two categories: individual awards and group awards. The individual awards are divided into first prize ("skilled craftsman"), second prize ("post star"), and third prize ("post expert"). The Guangdong, Shandong and Anhui regional teams won the top three teams in the total score.

Wang Jinfeng, deputy secretary of the party committee of ENN Group and chairman of the labor union, delivered a speech on behalf of the group at the award ceremony. As a heavyweight sector of the Group, ENN Energy is the leader and flag bearer of I-Craftsmanship. Represented by the practice bases in Quanzhou, Zhaoqing, Langfang, Bengbu and other places, it shows that the construction of ENN Energy's high-standard and professional training bases is blooming with unified standards; Competing and promoting each other, the vast number of front-line employees combined their positions to create value, participated extensively, actively trained in their spare time, with masters leading apprentices and building a self-ability brand. These measures have formed a good atmosphere of ENN Energy’s artisan culture and become front-line employees, becoming a beautiful landscape of self-growth.

Wang Jinfeng, deputy secretary of the party committee of ENN Group and chairman of the labor union, delivered a speech

Zheng Hongtao, Chairman of ENN Energys Management and Decision Committee, spoke highly of the successful holding of the competition. He sincerely congratulated the technical elites who stood out from 239 urban gas companies for their outstanding achievements, and gave the prize winners a clear growth path and a blueprint for high growth. At the same time, Chairman Zheng Hongtao required that the No. 1 self-drive organization at all levels should establish a strong awareness of talents, do a good job of caring for, cherishing, cultivating, and achieving talents, contributing to the grand cause of Xinao.

Zheng Hongtao, Chairman of ENN Energy Management and Decision Committee, delivered a speech

Zhang Guozhong, secretary of the party committee and senior vice president of ENN Energy, used the well-known lyrics, "We are walking on the road, we are high-spirited, we are dedicated to a magnificent cause, we are infinitely happy and glorious...", to encourage the ENN craftsmen who participated in this competition to take this competition as a new starting point and remain modest and cautious, guard against arrogance and rashness, and play an exemplary and leading role. At the same time, it is also hoped that the majority of business partners will be based on their positions, benchmark against advanced standards, study hard and practice hard, strive to be first-class, and jointly consolidate the artisan cultural heritage of ENN Energy.

Zhang Guozhong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Senior Vice President of ENN Energy, announced the successful conclusion of the competition

On the afternoon of the 10th, the participants went to Xiaogang Village, Fengyang to carry out a red education theme activity

The results of the skill competition were fruitful and the competition was brilliant, and it concentrated on showing the vivid craftsmanship skills and spirit of the majority of front-line business partners! All business partners will take this competition as an opportunity to consciously temper their ingenuity and craftsmanship, create a more intense learning atmosphere for learning skills and fighting skills, and jointly undertake the historical mission of inheriting and promoting the spirit of craftsmen.